"Augmented Degree Correction for Bipartite Networks with Applications to Recommender Systems" (with V. Pipiras). In preparation.

Published Papers

“Block Dense Weighted Networks with Augmented Degree Correction” (with V. Pipiras). Network Science, 10.3 (2022): 301-321. [Link][PDF]

“Detecting Changes in Correlation Networks with Application to Functional Connectivity of fMRI Data” (with C. Baek, K. Lindquist, S. Jeong, J. Hopfinger, K. Gates and V. Pipiras). Psychometrika (2023): 1-20. [Link]

“Two sample tests for high-dimensional autocovariances” (with C. Baek, K. Gates and V. Pipiras). Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 153 (2020) [Link]


“Characterizing Frequency-Selective Network Vulnerability For Alzheimers Disease By Identifying Critical Harmonic Patterns” (with V. Pipiras and G. Wu). IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Iowa City, Iowa, 2020 [Link]

For the General Public

“Winning an Election, Not a Popularity Contest” (with P. Ge, V. Kulkarni and R. Smith). (2020) [Link] [Earlier Edition/Director's Cut]