“Block Dense Weighted Networks with Augmented Degree Correction” (with V. Pipiras). [Link][Arxiv]

“Detecting functional connectivity changes in fMRI data” (with C. Baek, M. Gampe, K. Lindquist, J. Hopfinger, K. Gates and V. Pipiras). [Link]

Published Papers

“Two sample tests for high-dimensional autocovariances” (with C. Baek, K. Gates and V. Pipiras). Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 153 (2020) [Link]


“Characterizing Frequency-Selective Network Vulnerability For Alzheimers Disease By Identifying Critical Harmonic Patterns” (with V. Pipiras and G. Wu). IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Iowa City, Iowa, 2020 [Link]

For the General Public

“Winning an Election, Not a Popularity Contest” (with P. Ge, V. Kulkarni and R. Smith). (2020) [Link] [Earlier Edition/Director's Cut]